What are the different roles available for assigning my team members?

1. Admin 

Admin has complete control over the account. They can access all modules in the app, invite new users, and change existing user roles and permissions. 
2. Payer 

•    make and manage payments   
•    manage accounting software feeds   
•    see all account activity   
•    download statements   
Payers have less authority over the business account than Admins. They can contact Customer Support on behalf of the business get their own Marlo business debit card.
This role is best suited for financial managers or for anyone who needs to manage payments for the business. 
3. Preparer 

Preparers can set up single payments of any amount that require approval from an Admin. This role gives Admins more control over payments.  The preparer activities:   
•    set up transfer orders   (need approval)
•    see all account activity   
•    download statements   
•    download receipts   
•    manage accounting bank feeds   
•    contact Customer Support for general advice   
•    manage recipients   
4.    Viewer 
•    see all account activity   
•    download receipts   
•    manage accounting bank feeds   
Viewers can’t do anything else — like make payments or manage users or recipients.  This role lets you give your accountant, or anyone else who needs to do reporting for your business, access to your transactions.   
5.    Employee 

Employees can get their own MARLObusiness card but they don’t have access to the business details or activity. They can’t do anything else — like make payments or manage users or recipients.  This role is perfect for corporate buyers or for petty cash. 
6.    Charterer 

The charterer has limited control over the dashboard (News feed and Baltic graph) and bank transactions. Full control over the contract operations. 

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